The Spider’s Bride

The Spider's Bride Cover Imageby Debbie Gallagher

ISBN 978-1-908555-05-2 mobi

ISBN 978-1-908555-06-9 ePub

Published November 2012

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“The fine little ladybird, whose day had been so busy, bent down to fluff the meringue of petticoats under her skirts. When she stood up again, she held in her hands an arquebus which she aimed at the Duke’s head as he waded in to join his soldiers; the shot exploded and the powder decoction of fennel seeds and carpet tacks knocked the Duke sideways, dented his helmet, ruined his spell and provided the signal for the seelie folk who charged down into the fray, every weapon glinting under their banners.”

It begins with a severed finger…

The HunterNot realising she is being courted by a fairy suitor, the Bride enters the cold and sparkling world of the Prince of Spiders. She takes the finger, unaware that such gifts carry consequences. From this moment she is trapped in the Hedge, an ancieny fairy realm fed by blood and madness.

From malevolent dolls to unborn crow children, vengeful stuffed animals and cannibal heroes, the Prince of Spiders rules this land of dreams, lost in glittering snow. As a Winter King he should end his reign by dying in Spring, but this is not his plan. The Bride waits, trapped in his web. One cut and the Spider’s kiss will last forever…


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