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What we do

We’ve been carefully producing eBook versions of great, hard-to-find books since 2011 and are slowly building up our list of quality books.

Why we’re different

We’re a small business run for producing great eBooks first and profit a rather distant second right now (although this is part of my pension plan). This means we can take time to carefully prepare high-quality eBooks that are tested on many devices, and treat authors as individuals. We pay authors far more generously than traditional publishers (no salaries or significant overheads) and our standard contract is two pages long.

We are not a vanity press. We will never ask you for a penny at any stage of the process. Instead, we’ll publish your book at our time and expense and then pay you most of the royalties received for sales.

Find out more

Please feel free to email us at enquiries@kemsingpublishing.co.uk with any questions you might have.